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Hair Services

Haircut & simple style
– men   40 – 55
– women   45 – 65
Hair cut & style by Paul Da Costa – 75
Shampoo & simple style   33 – 45
Bridal experience package   110 – 150
Perms   from   85

Headmapping Colour Services

At the Paul Da Costa Salon hair colour is more than just a service. It is a driving force of our creative and artistic expression. Our team of professional stylists are equipped with extensive knowledge, and inspiration from around the globe in the latest trends and education, experience the patented HeadMapping® system. Combined with Aveda professional hair colour – ensure you will receive consistent, favorable results each and every time… to accent, enhance, enrich and enliven your hair and look.

As a HeadMapping® salon, consulting with our guest prior to a first time colour is a value added service. Here at Paul Da Costa Salon, we believe that the colour consultation is an important step in evaluating your current colour. Your Paul Da Costa Salon professional will be consulting with you about the process.

Color Balance
Short 80  Med. 90  Long 115  XLong 135

In-Between Foils Color Balance
Short 75  Med. 85  Long 100  XLong 115

Color Cleanse
Short 40  Med. 50  Long 60  XLong 70

Color Tone
Short 28  Med. 33  Long 44  XLong 55

New Growth  65

In Between Foils New Growth  55

Colour Lights
1/3 Panel  44
1/2 Panel  55
Full Panel  85
1/3 Panel A  85
1/2 Panel AB  107
Full Panel A  107
Full Panel AB  125
Full Panel AC  125
Full Panel ABC  140
Full Panel ABC plus  175

Express Botanical Therapy  20

Dry/ Damage Remedy Masque  10

New Talent – Updo  65

Stylist – Updo  75

New Talent – Makeup  45

Stylist – Makeup  60

Hot tools
Short  15  Med. 15  Long 20  XLong 20

Fringe Trim  10

Hair Lengths







Colour Lights

Headmapping 1-3 panel

1/3 Panel – Creates a colour accent only around the fringe area and is great on short hair. 44

Headmapping 1-2 panel

1/2 Panel – Creates colour accents that add a bit more colour of the front top of the head. Ideal for short hair. 55

Headmapping Full panel

Full Panel – Creates colour accents that add even more colour to the front and back top of the head. Covers the top of the head and is ideal for short and one length hair. 85

Headmapping 1-3 panel div a

1/3 Panel Division A – Creates colour accents around the whole face and the front part of the top of the head. Great for medium length textured hair that cascades towards the face.  85

headmapping 1-2 panel-ab

1/2 Panel division AB – Creates colour accents around the face, sides and more of the top back part of the head. This service is also very popular and ideal for short, medium and long hair. 107

Headmapping full panel division a

Full Panel Division A
– Creates colour accents around the faces, sides, front and back part of the head. The most popular service for maintaining highlights. The service is great for medium to long hair. 107

Headmapping full panel div ab

Full Panel Division AB – Creates colour accents over all the head except for the nape area. This service is great on long layered hair and helps cover difficult cowlicks in back of head. 125

Headmapping Full panel div ac

Full Panel Division AC – Creates colour accents in the front and back top of head, sides and nape area. Ideal partial highlight services for long hair that is put up in a high ponytail or hairclip. 125


Headmapping full panel div abc

Full Panel Division ABC – Creates colour accents all over the head. Ideal for the fine hair that needs body, also great for short layered styles.
Full Panel division ABC 140
Full Panel division ABC plus 175


Prices subject to change without notice.